Save State Nursery Schools
Save State Nursery Schools 


Nursery Schools Crisis

The government is proposing drastic funding cuts for all state run Nursery Schools across the country from 2019.  This will mean that 400 state Nursery Schools will no longer be able to exist in their current form.  This article from the TES explains the problem in more detail.


"Maintained Nursery Schools are local authority funded schools, with a headteacher and qualified teachers leading a team of specialist early years practitioners. They provide education for 3-5-year-olds (and increasingly for 2-year-olds). They are few in number - just over 400 remain in England – but represent a unique reservoir of early years expertise. 97% of them are rated good or outstanding by Ofsted, a standard not matched by any other part of the education sector" "No other part of the education sector is as highly rated, and yet no other part of the sector faces a less certain future." Report on Maintained Nursery Schools

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Sign the Petition to save nursery schools

We would like to ask you all to sign the petition below which relates to proposed funding cuts for state funded Nursery Schools nationally.  These cuts would result in funding being halved in two years' time, meaning that none of the schools would be able to function as they do today.  Most significantly, it would be impossible to employ qualified teachers to run them.


An announcement is due to be made regarding these cuts in Philip Hammond's Autumn Statement which is to occur on November 23rd.  This is the link to the petition, please sign and then distribute it as soon as possible.  If you do not receive an email to confirm your signature please check your junk mail folder.  This link shows a map of who has already voted across the country


Write to your MP

Please write to your MP to voice your concerns.  You can find your local MP, along with their contact details by going to the website below and typing your postcode in the keyword search box

Generic letter to your MP
This document can be used as a template letter or email to send to your MP.
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Please share this website and the petition with as many people as possible.

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