Save State Nursery Schools
Save State Nursery Schools 

3rd December - Mill Road Winter Fair

Campaigners handed out balloons and leaflets at the Mill Road Winter Fair to raise awareness of the Save Nursery Schools Campaign.  They were joined by Cambridge city MP Daniel Zeichner.

9th November - Hat Day

An opportunity for all schools to get involved and create awareness within your parent and school communities. 


Cambridgeshire Nursery Schools

All the Nursery Schools across Cambridge, and nationally, made hats with the children on Wednesday 9th November with the logo “Save Nursery Schools” on them in order to highlight this very important issue.


"The day was brilliant and I was amazed how well we had done in terms of briefing the press. They were all interested in the finer points with regard to schools and our funding difficulties.  All three TV stations spend a good amount of time filming and interviewing parents. We had parents here form 8am encouraging other parents to sign the petition. The children were brilliant and put up with the crew in the class room. They just carried out regardless. I think it worked well having the crew filming whilst in session. All parents were extremely supportive, allowing their children to pose for photographers etc. We even got the MP Daniel Zeichner to wear a hat, something he swore not to do. Lastly, this could not have been done without the brilliant staff who, are as I am writing this, are still encouraging parents/carers to sign! An enormous thank you to all. Thank you also to Amanda, Carrie and Julia for making it here, really appreciated."  Rikke Waldau Head of The Fields Children's Centre


BBC Look East, Cambridge TV and ITV Anglian News were at The Fields Childrens Centre and the event should be on all programmes this evening. The article from Cambridge News who were also there is in the "We are in the news" page.

What to expect at our Nursery Schools

  • encouraging independent learning by using a variety of teaching methods
  • creating a supportive environment
  • nurturing constructive relationships with parents
  • academic learning through projects and extracurricular activities
  • holding various events in our school and in Cambridge
  • cooperating with neighbouring nurseries and schools

Picture gallery: Event photos...

Hat Day photographs

Representatives from five Cambridge nurseries, as well as Huntingdon Nursery School, gathered at the Fields Children’s Centre in Barnwell, where they expressed fears over the future of the city’s state-maintained nurseries.  Teaching assistant Gloria Montano, MP Daniel Zeichner and Rikke Waldau, head of the Fields Children's Centre  (Photo: David Johnson) 

The children, who spent the morning designing banners and carrying out arts and crafts activities, were joined by representatives from the NUT teaching union, and Cambridge’s Labour MP Daniel Zeichner, who has raised the issue in Parliament.  

He said: "I am very worried that the Government’s plans could cause local nursery schools to close. The voices of parents and teachers must be heard."

"Early years cannot be about trying to warehouse children whose parents are at work. The Government must understand you don’t get good nurseries on the cheap."  (Photo: David Johnson) 

Rikke Waldau, head of the Fields Children's Centre, MP Daniel Zeichner and Amanda Bannister, head of the Brunswick Nursery School

Protest hats were given a creative update by the children at The Fields Children's Centre Nursery

Muddy fun on protest day 

Parents and friends working on the banner 

A range of activities were provided for children at the protest

"In support of the Save Nursery Schools campaign, staff at Homerton Early Years Centre, Cambridge, sport their decorated hats and help children make their own"

Hat making at Homerton Early Years Centre

Hat Day protest at Huntingdon Nursery School

Even the babies are joining in at Huntingdon Nursery School

Parents and friends of Huntingdon Nursery School take to the streets to protest funding cuts.

Histon Early Years Centre campaigning for Hat Day.

Sophie aged 50 months was making her demo hat this morning and talking about why we were making them, and how sad it would be if the Nursery wasn't here. She said "Hold on, I need to write about this" and the attached is what she wrote. It is a lovely piece of phonetic writing, and what it actually says is:


"When I draw at Nursery it makes me happy (happy face). When I'm 6 Nursery will be closed (sad face). Sophie."


Sophie from Huntingdon Nursery.

Rikke Waldau, head of The Fields Children's Centre being interviewed by the press.

More photos from Hat day protest at The Fields Children's Centre Nursery

Tweets from Save Nursery Schools @savenurseryschs