Save Our Maintained Nursery Schools
Save Our Maintained Nursery Schools 

Parents, carers and families

If you want to support the national campaign to fight for an end to the funding crisis for your local maintained nursery school, here's what you can do:

  • Ask your local nursery school how you can help - is there a petition to sign, are they looking for parents to share case studies of how their nursery school made a difference to them?
  • Write to your local MP and local councillors - make sure they know how important your local nursery school is to you, how it has made a difference to your family, and why it is urgent for government to solve the current funding crisis.  It only takes a handful of letters to make an MP realise there is something important going on, so every letter really makes a difference.
  • Share on social media - raise awareness and get others involved by sharing details of the campaign.

Here are more details about all these options.